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The Importer Security Filing, also known as ISF, was implemented by Customs in 2009 to allow them to pre-screen ocean shipments prior to arriving to the US.  This information must be submitted electronically to CBP 24 hours prior to loading goods on the vessel. Read below to learn more about how our program makes these operations much more simple and stress free

The Cargo Release electronic submission is intended to speed up the release of your goods. This cargo release can be obtained prior to shipment arrival, giving you the advantage of knowing that as soon as the cargo arrives at the port of unloading, it can immediately be transported to your warehouse or directly to the consignee. Read below to learn more about how our Cargo Release process is fast and effecient!

The Entry Summary, also known as the 7501 form, is the process by which the system will calculate duties and fees for each item being imported.  This detailed information is submitted electronically to CBP via ACE. Read below to learn more about how our Entry Summary screens are intuitive and easy to use!

 The movement of these goods is done under an in-bond sealed by US Customs.  There are multiple types of in-bonds, such IT’s, (Immediate Transportation) T&E’s (Transportation and Exportation) and IE’s (Immediate Exportation).  In the Customs ACE system these shipments are carefully tracked and must be electronically arrived at the port of entry. If it’s being exported out of the country then an electronic notice must be filed as well. Read below to learn more about our multifunctional In-Bond system!

There are many benefits in establishing a Foreign Trade Zone. Relief from inverted tariffs, Duty exemption re-exports, duty elimination on waste, scrap and yield loss, duty deferral and saving on fees when doing weekly entries. Click here for more info, or read below to learn more about our Foreign Trade Zone module!

The Automated Clearing House Statement processing is a simple and efficient way to pay US Customs for duties and fees. Read below to learn more about how our system can expedite this process!

ATSi’s ACE Reconciliation module makes a difficult and cumbersome task simpler and more effecient by providing multiple ways of loading and manipulating the entries being reconciled. Read below to learn more about how we do this and much more!

Storing and retrieving documents is expensive. According to business statistics, an average of 3 million pieces of paper gets passed around in a corporation. All this information must be stored, organized, and accessible. “eFileCabinet”, states that an average organization will spend $27 to file each paper document. Including over $120 a year per file in labor trying to find misfiled documents. Time and resources can be lost as well, as an average business will lose 1 of every 20 files, make 9 copies of every document, and spend up to 25 hours recreating lost documents. Read below to learn more about how we can save you time and money with our DIS!

With the thousands of moving parts in the brokerage and freight forwarding business it is imperitive to have all your ARs and APs in order. What makes our Accounting module so special is that it has been programmed and tailored specicially for Customs operations. Operations like creating checks, sending invoices and managing your APs and ARs are all seamlessly integrated with your brokerage dealings. All in one Portal! Read below to learn more about it!

ATS can give you the ability to offer Tracking and Tracing to your customers. Read below to learn more about how you can give your customers the ability to have much more information about their shipments!

Having an effecient warehouse is a vital part of the supply chain process! Your operations within your business can only go as quickly, accurately and effieciently as your warehouse. Having a WMS that is tailored to your specific warehouse and workflow can greatly improve your business dealings. Read below to learn more about how our WMS can be used to keep you running smoothly!

File your Shipper’s Export Declarations quickly and easily using our AES stand-alone module or fully integrated to our Freight Forwarding package. Submit your transactions individually or in-batch to the US Customs Export Automated system. With predefined default information and the ability to copy pre-existing templates, your filing of your SED’s has never been easier! Read below to learn more about what our AES can do for you!

eManifest was implemented around 2012 to move truck manifesting into electronic data. To stay compliant with Customs, the Manifest have to be formatted and transmitted using EDI. Read below to learn more about how we seamlessly do these processes!

Proforma invoices are meant to be filed if a commercial invoices are not filed. There is so much information that has to be known to file these invoices, read below to learn more about how our database make sit simple and easy for you to remember the right information!

Business to Business (B2B) transactions are becoming increasingly important as Government and Clients demand more data. ATS has extensive experience in working with multiple EDI records and multiple means of transporting data.

Web based applications are becoming more and more needed as modern technology advances. ATS has started this process with our Productivity Tools. Read below to learn more about what features and functions are found in our ATS Portal!

This new entry type is used by Customs to process low value items.  There are certain Customs restrictions and requirements such as: items must be valued at $800 or less, all PGA requirements must be met and limited to one item per consignee per day (other limitations may apply).

Read below to learn more about the features of our cartage system!

Importer Security Filing

Cargo Release

Entry Summary


Foreign Trade Zone

ACH Statement Processing


Document Imaging and Storage


Tracking and Tracing

Warehouse Management System

Automated Export System




Productivity Tools

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We're family owned, which means we hold family values. Like always being there for each other. Here at ATS, our clients are our family. So feel free to call anytime. We'll be here to answer your call! Use our ATS Help Desk or call our line.

Access your files, entries and anything else you need from anywhere, anytime. Using Data 102, all our applications are accessible from the cloud. Meaning you can create an entry, file a report, or manage you operations completely remote.

Our applications can be customized and tailored to your exact needs. We do personal, online trainings to make sure you get a full and complete understanding of our software. You'll be able to ask questions right on the spot, and clarify any confusion without the hassle of online communication.

Today’s Importers and Exporters require more from the services you provide for them. Having a Software company willing to come along side you and work on automating your processes is key to a successful business, whether it's EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or Customized Reports.  ATS will come along side you and work with your clients in order to provide you with the "just right" application for your needs!

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